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Social Media Marketing is the  most connected channel in history.  We strategically harness the power of Special Influencers to enhance your brand recognition, like a precision-operated machine. 


Lori Moreno is a major force in the Social Media Influencer and Branded Content universe. Extensive business background, with degrees in psychology, film and law. Helping Brands through Social Media. A frequent guest speaker and author of new book  Love in the Digital World. A Social Media Spokesperson and Twitter Chat Host  and Chat Orgainzer for the Entertainment, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, technology and Beauty industries.



Our relationships are varied and our access is wide.

We have a team of top Influencers across channels. 

We strategically create custom designed programs that are brand specific and generate measurable ROI for our clients. 



Mission Statement

To create once in a life-time experiences for brands and deliver their messages and create engagements and lasting impressions across targeted audiences utilizing the power of the Social Media community

that Influencers have built.

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Lori Moreno listed #36 on 2017 CES Top 100 Influencers List
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